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27. Our muses building a sandcastle together

"We c-can’t have you getting sunburned, c-can we, Buka?"

"…I’m trying to build my house."

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There is a dragon outside this door and if we go out, it will eat us…”

"…What, b-behind Wilson?"

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"…I want the D."

Company of Spirits - RP with waverly-the-timid


Sóttarfar was silent, just listening to her speak while he occasionally sipped at the water. His eyebrows lifted as she mentioned she had a question for him. A low noise rolled in his throat, thinking. He slowly set the jar down on the table again, eyes closing. "Yes. A few. But there was one in particular…A long…long time ago, when I was a much younger spirit, I grew attached to a human. His name was Somerfeld…he was an alchemist and practitioner of some form of nature-sorcery, it earned some form of stigma from his people, which is what forced his retreat to my forest…"

"He was a kind little mortal…when he found me, he gave me nothing but respect, and I did the same to him." For a brief second, a smile graced his features. But it soon waned into a light frown. "…He passed away from an infection. He had wandered out and found me in the haze of illness and he collapsed at my roots…I gave him the comfort of company for his last few hours. He’s long been claimed by the earth after all these centuries…"

He shook his head. "As I look back, the time I had with him was there and gone in the blink of an eye, compared to the years I’ve live. After that, I’ve had a rare few mortals since then that have given me company…I have seen them age and pass every time…" He then looked towards her, offering a small hint of a smile. "But I do not regret that time. Though it was brief, and the world and the people have changed greatly…sometimes those small moments are all that will keep you company during those long periods of isolation…"

"…Do not be afraid to get attached to someone, miss Waverly…knowing they’ll be gone some day might hurt, but better to make the best of the time one has with someone, than avoiding them and regretting missing the opportunity when they’re gone."

For a split second, Waverly extended her arm and looked as if she was about to put a comforting hand over Sóttarfar’s, but changed her mind as soon as their auras touched. Touching was still something she wasn’t so sure about, even among her closest of human friends. She desired it, yet was too afraid of it to really let it happen. “I-I’m sorry about your old friend,” she said instead, putting her hands back down in her lap. “B-but I’m glad you got the time with him. And h-he got the time with you…”

As she listened to his wisdom, something started to hurt in her chest. It wasn’t the kind of hurt one feels when they hear something they don’t want to know, but rather, simply more emotion than she was really prepared for. It was almost a good feeling. Fondness, love, appreciation, or…something similar.

"I suppose y-you have a point…their lives m-may be a blip in our time, b-but to them…" she shrugged and gave a deep, yet quiet sigh. "I c-can’t be selfish. I’ll m-miss him when he’s gone, and I d-don’t think I’ll ever find another quite the same, b-but maybe we n-need to think of it differently. It’s n-not about us, is it? The ones who c-come and go, we could be changing their lives." She let a little grin pass over the gloom on her features, and spoke up again in barely more than a whisper. "He h-hardly smiles… I made him smile once…that’s enough f-for me."

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Company of Spirits - RP with waverly-the-timid


"….Interesting…." It was hard to follow, the spirit having a hard time understanding the ‘door’ and such. But anything regarding technology tended to go right over his head. But the rest he could understand fairly well. "Hmm…is the ‘man’ you speak of the one who mirrors the human-not-human?…Looks similar, but they are very different?…I have not sensed much from that one, his land is very….quiet…"

There was a short silence, Waverly looking down a little bashfully before nodding. “Yes.” she finally answered with a small nod. “Heh. It d-doesn’t surprise me. He d-does tend to keep to himself, enjoys his silence. B-but he’s b-been very good to me for a long while now and I t-try my best to do the same for him. Even if it j-just means quietly sitting with h-him. You c-could say we’re rather close, in a way.” She scraped her fingernails against the top of the table before clearing her throat. “I h-have a question…and if you d-don’t know how to answer it, I understand…B-but have you ever g-grown attached? Cared f-for someone, a human maybe, who you knew w-would one day be gone? You’ve b-been around so long, after all…I imagine you’re used to w-watching things change while you stay the same…”